Teaching Experience on the Impacts of COVID-19: Opportunities to Update the Teaching and Learning Process of Bioethics and Scientific Integrity in Human Medicine in Peru

Klinge Villalba-Condori

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Under the context of the Pandemic COVID-19, there have been extreme situations in health that need to be
transferred to the processes of medical education. Objectives: To include real cases presented in the pandemic
for their analysis as a strategy to update the teaching and learning of bioethics and scientific integrity in
medicine. Methods: 150 Peruvian medical students analyzed emblematic historical cases of bioethics and
cases related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Interest in analyzing the cases, academic performance, and quality
of ethical analysis were compared. Results: Students showed better performance, interest, and quality of
analysis, with a significant difference (p < 0.001) in the evaluation of COVID-19 cases. Conclusions:
Analysis of pandemic-related cases improved critical ethical analysis skills in medical students. The
pandemic has provided an opportunity to update bioethics and scientific integrity content in virtual
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PublicaciónCEUR Workshop Proceedings
EstadoPublicado - 2021
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