Recent Progress in Aptamer-Functionalized Metal-Organic Frameworks-Based Optical and Electrochemical Sensors for Detection of Mycotoxins

Reena Gupta, Firas Rahi Alhachami, Imran Khalid, Hasan Sh Majdi, Nazima Nisar, Yaser Mohamed Hasan, R. Sivaraman, Rosario Mireya Romero Parra, Zuhair I. Al Mashhadani, Yasser Fakri Mustafa

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Mycotoxin contamination in foodstuffs and agricultural products has posed a serious hazard to human health and raised international concern. The progress of cost-effective, facile, rapid and reliable analytical tools for mycotoxin determination is in urgent need. In this regard, the potential utility of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) as a class of crystalline porous materials has sparked immense attention due to their large specific surface area, adjustable pore size, nanoscale framework structure and good chemical stability. The amalgamation of MOFs with high-affinity aptamers has resulted in the progress of advanced aptasensing methods for clinical and food/water safety diagnosis. Aptamers have many advantages over classical approaches as exceptional molecular recognition constituents for versatile bioassays tools. The excellent sensitivity and selectivity of the MOF-aptamer biocomposite nominate them as efficient lab-on-chip tools for portable, label-free, cost-effective and real-time screening of mycotoxins. Current breakthroughs in the concept, progress and biosensing applications of aptamer functionalized MOFs-derived electrochemical and optical sensors for mycotoxins have been discussed in this study. We first highlighted an overview part, which provides some insights into the functionalization mechanisms of MOFs with aptamers, offering a foundation to create MOFs-based aptasensors. Then, we discuss various strategies to design high-performance MOFs-based aptamer scaffolds, which serve as either signal nanoprobe carriers or signal nanoprobes and their applications. We perceived that applications of optical aptamers are in their infancy in comparison with electrochemical MOFs-derived aptasensors. Finally, current challenges and prospective trends of MOFs-aptamer sensors are discussed.

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PublicaciónCritical Reviews in Analytical Chemistry
EstadoAceptado - 2022

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