Profiles of depressive symptoms in Peru: An 8-year analysis in population-based surveys

David Villarreal-Zegarra, Sharly Otazú-Alfaro, Piero Segovia-Bacilio, Jackeline García-Serna, C. Mahony Reategui-Rivera, G. J. Melendez-Torres

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Idioma originalInglés estadounidense
Páginas (desde-hasta)384-391
PublicaciónJournal of Affective Disorders
EstadoIndizado - 15 jul. 2023
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Funding Information:
Not applicable. The data used in our study are openly accessible to the general public. They do not use any personal identifiers (anonymous) and consequently do not represent an ethical risk for participants. The National Institute of Statistics and Informatics, a Peruvian government organisation, was responsible for the collection of Peruvian DHS data. This institution requested the consent of participants to obtain the information required in the survey. The informed consent for the collection of information was taken from each person of legal age (18 years old and above). In the case of minors (17 years old and younger), the request for consent was read to one of their parents or legal guardians to allow the evaluation of the minor. Not applicable.

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