Percepción y factores asociados a insatisfacción que los médicos recién graduados tienen de sus asesores de tesis, Lima-Perú

Christian Richard Mejia, Onice Jimena Cáceres, Claudia Alejandra Vera, Fiorella Inga-Berrospi, Percy Mayta-Tristán

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Introduction: The thesis advisor is a key element, supports the process to be granted the diploma and is even he who encourages for the results to be published. Objective: Determine the commitments and factors associated to dissatisfaction of thesis advisors. Methods: All the interviewees were Lima degree thesis presenters who graduated recently, and the variable of interest was dissatisfaction perception provided by their advisors in process of diploma granting. Results: 9.3 % (nine) of the interviewees manifested dissatisfaction with their advisorship. Being considered an investigator (RPa: 0.03; IC 95 %: 0.01-0.10), being chosen by the advised (RPa: 0.62; IC 95 %: 0.42-0.91), the motivation received during the thesis creation (RPa: 0.31; IC 95%: 0.13-0.78), and the encouragement to publish the theses (RPa: 0.31; IC 95 %: 0.13-0.78) were factors that decreased dissatisfaction. Charging for the thesis was associated to greater dissatisfaction (RPa: 2.04; IC 95 %: 1.17-3.55). Conclusions: Some factor associated to satisfaction perception by the advised thesis presenters were found. This may be taken into consideration by education institutions, in order to have a teaching prospect permitting to provide better advisorship.

Título traducido de la contribuciónPerception and factors associated to dissatisfaction that physicians and recent graduates have about their thesis advisors, Lima-Peru
Idioma originalEspañol
PublicaciónRevista Cubana de Educacion Medica Superior
EstadoIndizado - 2016

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