Factores que influyen en el uso del octógono como marcador de información nutricional en los consumidores en la población de Lima-Perú

Christian R. Mejia, Carlos Aguilar-Pantaleón, Sabrina Alfaro, Brian Carranza, Perla Eulogio, Angela Gálvez-N, Ghiuliana Godo

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Introduction: Since some months ago, it was approved in Peru the use of octagons as nutritional information indicator and must be studied if its implementation is going well. Objetive: To find the factors that influence the use of octagon as a nutritional information indicator for the consumers in the population of Lima-Peru. Methodology: Cross sectional analytic study, based in the previous literature for the elaboration of the survey. It was asked about the use, as well as, association statistics to determine if there are difference according the sex, age, sweet or salty food consumption and 3 chronic pathologies. Results: Of the 609 respondents, the 48% of them was totally agree about that the octagons influence their choices. The Octagons influenced men less (p = 0.005), but to a greater extent among young people (p <0.001) and hypertensive patients (p <0.00). Women read more the octagens (p <0.001), older women (p = 0.006), those who ate more salty food (p = 0.026), sweet (p = 0.002) or the hypertensive (p <0.001) read the octagons more. Men had more problems in the orientation for use (p = 0.037) and the price was an influential according to age (p = 0.002). Those who disagreed with the use of octagons were men (p <0.001), hypertensive (p <0.001) and dyslipidemic (p <0.001). Discussion: There were some factors that have been detected that are causing problems for the use / interpretation of octagons. This must be evaluated and corrected, because it is a very important measure for public health. Conclusions: the half of the respondents agree with the application of octagons. The influence of octagons occurred to a lesser extent in men, to a greater extent among younger people and in hypertensives.

Título traducido de la contribuciónFactors that influence the use of the octagon as a marker of nutritional information in consumers in the population of Lima-Peru
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PublicaciónNutricion Clinica y Dietetica Hospitalaria
EstadoIndizado - 10 feb. 2020

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