Factores asociados a la satisfacción estudiantil con docentes, infraestructura e investigación en escuelas médicas latinoamericanas

Christian R. Mejía, Felipe T. Serrano, Paola A. Garcilazo-Silva, Aileen Ferran Sepúlveda, Jefferson Salguero-Sánchez, Mariela Ricse-Mayhuasca, Mario J. Valladares-Garrido

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Introduction: Student satisfaction with academic programs is important in medical education to create future competent doctors. There are not multicenter Latin American studies that determine its factors related, to improve medical curricula. Objective: To determine the percentage and factors associated with student satisfaction with teachers, infrastructure, and research in 9 Latin American medical schools. Methods: Descriptive cross-sectional study of secondary data obtained through an administered questionnaire to medical students from 9 Latin American universities between 2016-2017, which inquired about socio-educational variables and student satisfaction regarding teachers, infrastructure, and university research. Generalized Linear Models-GLM was used for the analysis. Results: Of 2 649 surveyed, 57% were women, the median was 22 years. Less than 50% were satisfied with infrastructure and research, only compared to teaching there was 66% satisfaction, Colombia ranking as the one with the highest satisfaction with teachers, with 82% of satisfied respondents, while Chile was the most satisfied country regarding infrastructure and university research with 67% and 68%, respectively. Studying at a private university was associated with teacher satisfaction (p= 0.002), infrastructure (p= 0.001) and research (p= 0.018), the latter was higher in women (p= 0.033), but lower in those who felt that the money of the month was reaching them (p= 0.001). Conclusions: Medical-student satisfaction with Latin American universities is tending downward, with those studying at private universities being more satisfied, women having greater satisfaction with research and less for those who feel that they have enough money until the end of the month.

Título traducido de la contribuciónFactors associated to student satisfaction with teachers, infrastructure and research in Latin American medical schools
Idioma originalEspañol
PublicaciónRevista Cubana de Medicina Militar
EstadoIndizado - 1 oct. 2022

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