Disposición hacia la colaboración médica internacional en estudiantes de Estomatología de ocho universidades cubanas

Ibraín Enrique Corrales Reyes, Lilian Susana Torres Fernández, Christian R. Mejia

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Introduction: Cuba has been characterized by sending health delegations to various countries, called “medical missions”. However, the interest of future professionals in joining those delegations has not been investigated. Objectives: Characterize the disposition towards international medical collaboration and identify the associated factors in Cuban students of Stomatology. Methods: A cross-sectional research and secondary data analytics was carried out in students of all years of the academic year 2018-2019, belonging to eight universities. The dependent variable was the report of the willingness to go on medical missions. Prevalence ratios and 95% con-fidence intervals were calculated. Results: 1174 students participated, of which 830 (71%) were willing to fulfill medical missions. There was a grea-ter willingness towards medical collaboration as age increased (RPa: 1.02; 95% CI 1.00-1.04; p = 0.044); as well as, in students who reported family pressure to study the career (RPa: 1.17; 95% CI 1.09-1.26; p < 0.001). Those who reported good grades before entering college (RPa: 0.83; 95% CI 0.77-0.91; p < 0.001), those of economic solvency (RPa: 0.90; 95% CI 0.90-0.98; p = 0.019) and those who were in the third and fourth academic years (RPa: 0.93; 95% CI 0.88-0.97; p = 0.003) were those with the least willingness to collaborate; adjusted by sex and college. Conclusion: There is a high disposition towards international medical collaboration and it is associated with multi-ple social and educational aspects.

Título traducido de la contribuciónWillingness towards international medical collaboration in dental students from eight Cuban universities
Idioma originalEspañol
PublicaciónRevista Cubana de Estomatologia
EstadoIndizado - 1 ene. 2023

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  • bilateral cooperation programmes
  • dental health services
  • dental students
  • education in dentistry
  • international cooperation
  • oral health


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