Application of web design in the influence of positioning, based on SEO methodology, applied to the company the company EuroPerú S.A.C.

Diana Paola Chipana Gago

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The project consists of the implementation of the SEO methodology to the website of the
company Europeru S.A.C under the brand name "modaGuiss" with the aim of generating a
presence on the internet and positioning it in the first Google search results; to increase the
passive and active traffic of the page and therefore, increase in potential customers, interactions,
followers, etc. Finally, the web application “ModaGuiss | Footwear and Shoes” starting from the
design of the page through the analysis of the competition with free tools for searching and
filtering meta information for subsequent implementation of indexing in the consoles of the
aforementioned search engines. With what was obtained as a result, appear in the search results
with the words: ModaGuiss, Zapatos Guiss, Zapatos Huancayo, etc. However, to climb positions
it was necessary to generate backlinks to our page and maintain constant activity. At the end of
the development of the web app and the positioning, good results were obtained such as the
positioning of the brand and domain name, by comparing the page without SEO and the page
created with SEO, it was possible to specify that the SEO methodology allows you to position
quickly in search engines, unlike not using it, which takes months or years to position your page.
Idioma originalInglés estadounidense
PublicaciónCEUR Workshop Proceedings
EstadoPublicado - 2022
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