Use of seat belts among public transport drivers in Tacna, Peru: Prevalence and risk factors

Armando Miñan-Tapia, Gloria S. Torres-Riveros, José Choque-Vargas, Madeleyni Aycachi-Incacoña, Neil Flores-Valdez, Orlando Vargas-Anahua, Christian R. Mejia

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Introduction There are individuals who still refuse to wear seat belts, despite its effectiveness in reducing morbidity and mortality in road traffic accidents. We aimed to determine the prevalence and risk factors according to the use of seat belts among public transport drivers in Tacna, Peru. Methodology This analytical transversal study was carried out among public transport drivers (buses and taxis) in a Peruvian city. Questionnaires were used to evaluate the general and occupational characteristics and the use of seat belts (observed). Descriptive statistics and risk factors were obtained, these latter through generalized linear models. Results Of the 460 drivers, 77% used their seat belts, with a difference in use depending on the type of public transport (p<0.001). In the multivariate model, the risk of not using the belt was associated with the following: older age (p<0.001), having complete studies (p<0.001), a higher level/category of driving license (3 categories had p<0.001), having a higher number of previous road traffic accidents (p = 0.011), and received medical attention in that accident (p<0.001), those who reported using a cell phone while driving (p = 0.005), if the co-driver's belt had 3 anchorage points (p<0.001), and working for > 5 hours that day (p = 0.002). However, male drivers and those who had their belt with 3 anchorage points had greater use (both p<0.001). Conclusions One in five drivers did not use a seat belt, and important characteristics of those who did not comply with this traffic law were evaluated to generate control and intervention measures.

Original languageAmerican English
Article numbere0251794
JournalPLoS ONE
Issue number5 May
StateIndexed - May 2021
Externally publishedYes

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