Tourist Satisfaction Level: Evaluation in a Peruvian Adventure Tour Operator

Franklin Cordova-Buiza, Jennifer Calderon-Sanchez, Lucero Chuzon-Canicela

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Tourism is an activity that allows economic development by generating employment, promoting cultural manifestations, improving infrastructure, integrating local communities, preserving attractions, and, ultimately, improving people's quality of life. The objective of this research was to identify the level of customer satisfaction of an adventure tour operator that shows a significant increase in competitors, the adventure tour operator Sol y Río located in the rural periphery of the city of Lima, Peru; that offers tourist services such as canoeing, kayaking, canopy, and motocross. The method has a quantitative approach, with a descriptive scope and non-experimental design. The survey was used for data collection, and the questionnaire was used as an instrument. It was validated using the criteria of expert judgment, and its reliability was determined using Cronbach's Alpha, obtaining a result of 0.834, which indicates that the instrument is reliable. The research population consisted of 3000 clients that the company receives monthly, the sampling was probabilistic with the simple random method, and a sample of 340 clients was obtained. Finally, it was concluded that the level of satisfaction with the service provided by the company is high for 39% of customers and regular for the 43.9%; it is shown in the frequent return of customers.

Original languageAmerican English
Article number773904
JournalIBIMA Business Review
StateIndexed - 2022
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  • Adventure tourism
  • Lunahuaná
  • satisfaction level
  • tour operator


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