Photovoltaic technology employment in Peru. A literature review

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Peru is a country with plenty of renewable energy sources. However, its power demand depends on more than 50% of fossil fuels. Specifically, the power coming from the sun only represents 1% of the Peruvian energy matrix even though the territory has high radiation indexes. Therefore, the current analysis aims to search for the research situation of photovoltaic energy. Hence, this research looked for literature from RENATI and EBSCO, which provided 398 pieces of academic investigation. After applying the Prisma methodology to select the most relevant thesis and papers, we analyzed 48 elements. We found that the on-grid technology was the most viable in economic terms for projects related to business and electrification. At the same time, off-grid systems have been preferred for sanitation applications. Nonetheless, all the reviewed literature showed that photovoltaic technology positively impacted the environment and was as effective as conventional sources.
Original languageAmerican English
JournalGrowing Science Publishing Company
StatePublished - 2022

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