Medidas administrativas para la reinserción laboral de personas con VIH-Sida

Translated title of the contribution: Administrative measures for the labor reinsertion of people with HIV-AIDS

Leonardo Velarde Dávila, Roberto Carlos Dávila Morán, Eucaris del Carmen Agüero Corzo, José Leonor Ruiz Nizama, Henri Emmanuel López Gómez

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Almost forty years after the registration of the first case of HIV in Peru, progress has been made in favor of the fundamental rights of people living with this condition, despite how conservative Peruvian society is, the State together with national organizations and international governments have agreed laws, regulations and agreements in order to guarantee, within the framework of respect and equality, the essential principles and freedoms, without disdain, based on the HIV serological status of all affected people and their families. Epidemiologically, homosexual communities, transgender women and men who have sex with men have been identified as key populations, being populations that have been discriminated against and stigmatized due to their sexual orientation and added to that they must feel rejection for suffering from this scourge, being more evident in health facilities and workplaces, even though research has shown that the main route of infection is sexual and that HIV infection is considered chronic. In this sense, it is essential to achieve a greater commitment from the various sectors involved with health and work, aimed at alleviating the negative effects of this disease, establishing legal guidelines that allow reincorporation and continuity in the workplace, in addition to carrying out campaigns educational measures that minimize discrimination in these environments.

Translated title of the contributionAdministrative measures for the labor reinsertion of people with HIV-AIDS
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)151-161
Number of pages11
JournalBoletin de Malariologia y Salud Ambiental
Issue number2
StateIndexed - 2022
Externally publishedYes

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