Manejo y disposición de desechos sólidos en la zona industrial Lurigancho del Perú

Translated title of the contribution: Management and disposal of solid waste in the Lurigancho industrial zone of Peru

Roberto Carlos Dávila Morán, Eucaris del Carmen Agüero Corzo, Leonardo Velarde Dávila, Domingo Zapana Diaz, Justiniano Felix Palomino Quispe, José Leonor Ruiz Nizama

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This scientific note presents a proposal to comprehensively manage the problem caused by poor disposal of solid waste in the Lurigancho industrial zone, Peru. It is based on the operator model, which considers the political, strategic and regulatory part, thus having indicators that serve as tools for decision-making in the management of waste at industrial plants based on its control., surveillance, information and classification. This proposal was applied in twelve industrial waste disposal sites, monitoring points, with two interventions, with the initial evaluation environmental chaos was observed, with overflow of garbage containers, without use of waste and proliferation of harmful fauna. After the induction to execute the proposal, in the second intervention, after 45 days, considerable improvements were required, applying objective recommendations based on the values of the indicators, which allowed strategic and operational planning and general programming and control. . Preliminary results suggest that this proposal meets environmental and health requirements, through the reduction and processing of waste, whose inadequate disposal can affect human health.

Translated title of the contributionManagement and disposal of solid waste in the Lurigancho industrial zone of Peru
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)116-122
Number of pages7
JournalBoletin de Malariologia y Salud Ambiental
Issue number1
StateIndexed - 2022
Externally publishedYes

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