Intervención lúdica para la prevención de enfermedades de transmisión sexual

Translated title of the contribution: Playful intervention for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases

Lipselotte de Jesús Infante Rivera, José Manuel Armada Pacheco, Magno Teófilo Baldeón-Tovar, Luz Edga Medina-Pelaiza, María Elena Tasa Catanzaro

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Preventive strategies for sexually transmitted diseases in young populations have become a public health priority. Adolescents and young adults have been identified as those who tend to participate more frequently in risky sexual activities; Within this population group, the majority are university students, hence not only the health systems must respond to this situation, but also the different educational organizations. Therefore, a descriptive cross-sectional study was carried out in two Peruvian universities, with the objective of evaluating the perception of participation in a playful intervention program on knowledge and preventive attitudes towards sexually infected diseases. The sample consisted of 149 participants, of which 51.68% were male and 43.28% female. The assessment of the intervention was made using the Likert scale and behavioral intentionality through the T test for comparison of means. The results showed, after the application of the 16 ludic activities, statistical significance on the improvement of knowledge and the intention of positive behavioral changes around the practice of responsible sexuality, in addition to the importance of addressing the issue with clear and precise information. It is concluded that playful strategies are effective for raising awareness about the prevention of STDs and unwanted pregnancies; In addition, it can be used to reinforce knowledge, practices and induce improvements in attitudes against the estimation of people living with STDs.

Translated title of the contributionPlayful intervention for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)1086-1092
Number of pages7
JournalBoletin de Malariologia y Salud Ambiental
Issue number5
StateIndexed - Sep 2022

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