Factores asociados a depresión en médicos que trabajarán en zonas rurales del Perú

Translated title of the contribution: Factors associated with depression in doctors who will work in rural areas of Peru

Christian R. Mejia, Verónica Vega-Melgar, Yanina Jiménez-Meza, Jhosselyn I. Chacón, Fiorella Inga-Berrospi

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Introduction: The doctors who perform the Peruvian service will be very exposed to loneliness, labor problems and others, which can have mental repercussions. The objective was to determine factors associated with depression among physicians who worked in rural Peru. Method: Observational, cross-sectional and analytical study of secondary data. Surveys were collected from newly graduated Peruvian doctors who conducted the Rural and Urban-Marginal Health Service in a few weeks. Depression was defined according to the Zung test, being associated to social and educational variables. Results: Of the 704 respondents, 30.0% (211) had a score higher than 50 (depressed), 67.0% (471) had a score close to the cut-off point for depression. In the multivariate analysis, it was associated with a higher frequency of female depression (RR: 1.09, 95% CI: 1.09-1.10, p value <0.001), having a sentimental partner (RPa: 1, 12, 95% CI: 1.12-1.13, p value <0.001), having studied at a university in Lima (RP: 1.07, 95% CI: 1.06-1.09, p value <0.001) And having medical relatives (RP: 1.20, 95% CI: 1.09-1.33, p value <0.001); Adjusted by three variables. Conclusions: We found a significant percentage of physicians who had depression, another major group that was close to having it. It is important to carry out mental health programs among the doctors who perform the rural activity, since the conditions of their work generate problems in the styles of professional life.

Translated title of the contributionFactors associated with depression in doctors who will work in rural areas of Peru
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)320-328
Number of pages9
JournalRevista Chilena de Neuro-Psiquiatria
Issue number4
StateIndexed - 2019

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