Corporate Social Responsibility and Peruvian apparel SME Internationalization

Martin Fidel Collao Diaz, Juan Carlos Quiroz-Flores, Ahad Ali

Research output: Contribution to journalReview articlepeer-review


The general objective was to analyze the relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility, here after CSR, and the Internationalization of SMEs that belong to the clothing sector at the Metropolitan Lima level. To do this, the current context of the SMEs in the clothing sector is described, and the dimensions of corporate social responsibility are explored: social, economic, and environmental; finally, the relationship of these dimensions with the internationalization of the SMEs. The methodology used is mixed since a description and analysis of the confection sector of the SMEs in Metropolitan Lima is carried out, and it is quantitative because the questionnaires corresponding to the study are carried out. The research results provide information so that SMEs can implement corporate social responsibility and subsequently achieve better opportunities with the internationalization process. This article concludes that the dimensions of corporate social responsibility are related to the internationalization process of the SMEs of the clothing sector in Metropolitan Lima.

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