Climate change and glacier retreat in the huaytapallana mountain range, Peru

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The objective has been to describe and determine the relationship between environmental temperature ―as a manifestation of climate change― and the glacier mass retreat of Huaytapallana mountain range in Peru. The minimum temperature and glacier surface data were obtained from Senamhi and IGP official reports, they are expressed in °C and km2 respectively. The temperature data belong to the Huancayo Observatory located at Latitude 12 ° 02 'S, Longitude 75 ° 19' W, Altitude 3 313 masl; in the Huachac district, Chupaca province, Junín department. The glacier surface data were taken from the mountain Huaytapallana's studies by the Instituto Geofísico del Perú. The variables' missing data estimation was performed with a linear regression model. Among the results we have found that between 1986 to 2016, an increase in the minimum annual temperature in the study area is evident, showing values between 3.435 to 5.227 °C; a value of 4.757 °C is estimated at 2016; likewise, the glacial mass surface of the Huaytapallana mountain shows a downward trend in this same period, estimated at 2016 in 11.86 km2. In conclusion, the increase of minimum temperature of the period 1986 - 2016 affects the glacier mass surface retreat of the Huaytapallana mountain range; likewise, there is an inverse, moderate and significant relationship between the minimum temperature increase and the glacier mass retreat of the mountain which is our study object.

Translated title of the contributionCambio climático y retroceso glaciar en la cordillera huaytapallana, Perú
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JournalTecnologia y Ciencias del Agua
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  • Glacier surface
  • Huaytapallana mountain range
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