Bibliometric analysis of the world scientific production on the flipped classroom in medical education

Gloria Katty Muñoz-Estrada, Hugo Eladio Chumpitaz Caycho, John Barja-Ore, Natalia Valverde-Espinoza, Liliana Verde-Vargas, Frank Mayta-Tovalino

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Background: The flipped classroom is a new educational technology strategy, based on a constructivist approach that promotes active student participation. Therefore, the objective of the study was to analyze the bibliometric indicators of the scientific production on the flipped classroom in medical education. Method: Descriptive and retrospective bibliometric study, based on the scientific publications of journals indexed in Scopus from 2012 to 2021. A search strategy was developed with MESH terms and Boolean operators (“AND” and “OR”). The bibliometric metrics were performed with Elsevier's SciVal program. Results: 41.8% and 28.3% of the publications were in Q1 and Q2 quartile journals, respectively. In addition, Harvard University is the one with the most publications (15), but the University of North Carolina has the greatest impact (54.7 citations per publication). The journal Academic Medicine (Q1) and Academic Radiology (Q1) presented more citations per publication, with 79.9 and 42.2, respectively. 35.3% of the publications have national collaboration and 13.4% international. The author Zheng Binbin (FWCI: 4.64) is the one with the highest number of expected citations compared to the world average. Conclusions: There is a favorable trend in the number of publications with greater emphasis on high impact journals (Q1 and Q2). The authors and institutions with the most production were those from the United States and the most frequent type of collaboration was institutional.

Translated title of the contributionAnálisis bibliométrico de la producción científica mundial sobre el aula invertida en la educación médica
Original languageAmerican English
Article number100758
JournalEducacion Medica
Issue number5
StateIndexed - 1 Sep 2022

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