Administrative Management and Work Performance in Hardware and Construction SMEs: The Case of Justiniano Soto Villanueva S.R.L., Peru

Maria T. la Torre-Torres, Zoila M. Pando-Medina, Patricia M. Aragon-Ortega, Franklin Cordova-Buiza

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The SMEs represent more than 95% of the companies in Latin America, generate 72% of employment and 50% of the GDP, but they still have serious deficiencies in achieving sustained development. In Peru, economic growth was growing up with the growth of the construction sector and with it the investment in hardware companies. The objective of this study is to determine the relationship between administrative management and labor performance in a hardware micro-SME in a city in the northern highlands of Peru. The study is a non-experimental, cross, correlational design with a quantitative approach. The 30 employees of the company were surveyed with a 60 items questionnaire with alternatives on a Likert scale. The average age of the collaborators is 36 years old, the 57% have a higher university degree, being the administrative and the sales' areas with the highest number of collaborators, representing 23% each. Within the dimensions of administrative management, the employees consider planning as the most important item, representing 73%, and within the dimensions of work performance, they consider responsibility as the most important, representing 96%. In conclusion, there is a positive relationship between administrative management and work performance in the hardware company studied, also administrative management is in the middle, there are still fails in its administrative process to meet its objectives, and a little relationship between the company and the employee.

Original languageAmerican English
Article number497769
JournalIBIMA Business Review
StateIndexed - 2022

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  • Business management
  • Latin America
  • planning
  • working environment


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